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I deeply regretted faking an injury during gym class in school, because now, I could barely breathe while I was running down the sidewalk.  My lungs, and not to mention every muscle in my body, were on fire.  It felt like nitroglycerin was being pumped into my veins and into my muscular tissue.

Everyone on the street stared at me like I was a lunatic, and perhaps I was.  Three abnormally large dogs, all of which looked like mutant Dobermans, were currently chasing me.  They were barking and growling, and I resisted the urge to look back.

“Watch it, lady!” Someone shouted.

“Excuse me, sorry!”  I shouted at a stranger after I physically pushed them out of my way in order to run down an alley.  There had to be somewhere to hide.  A dumpster, maybe?

I looked around as I sprinted down the alley, yet no dumpsters were available for my hiding purposes.  I did, however, find an old iron ladder attached to the side of a brick wall, leading to the rooftop of the building.  I looked behind me and saw the dogs, their eyes red and wild, and screamed as they launched toward me at full speed.  I jumped up to catch onto the ladder’s rail-like steps.

I hurried upward until I heard a screeching sound and felt the ladder sink back down a few inches.

“No, no, no!  Come on, I’m not that heavy!”  I screamed, to no one in particular, as the lightweight frame resisted supporting me.

The dogs below jumped up and violently gnashed their teeth, all of them barking so loudly that it began to hurt my ears.  The ladder continued to wiggle and weaken with my weight, and I prepared for it to give way completely. 

Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

I heard gunshots within a few feet of me, followed by the dogs yipping and howling.  They ran off down the alley until disappearing into thin air.  I looked around, feeling slightly disillusioned.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing, running from Hell Hounds?”

I looked up to see a man leaning over the edge of the rooftop above me, blinking a few times.  “What?”

He rolled his eyes.  “Hell Hounds, you dunce.  Those things that were just chasing you and about to drag you to Hell.”

I laughed and carefully descended back down to the ground.  “Right, okay Mr. Crazy.  Those were just dogs.  Albeit abnormally large, they were just normal dogs, nonetheless.”  I brushed my dirty palms against my jeans and looked up again, yet the guy was no longer there.

“Right, because normal dogs usually have red eyes,” a voice whispered behind me, causing me to jump.

I spun around and met a pair of narrowed gray eyes, which not only seemed to study me, but also seemed to be criticizing me.  “Blame rabies.”

“Normal dogs don’t run away that easily after being shot.”  He held up a large rifle in one hand, the other messing with his shaggy mop of light brown hair.  “Come on, Ellie, this detour has made us late,” he grabbed my wrist and yanked me forward, my head accidentally bumping into his shoulder.

I screamed and pulled away from him and tried to pry his fingers off of my arm.  “What?  No!  Let go of me!  Stop!”

He groaned and tightened his grasp.  “You have the strength of a newborn kitten compared to me.  Stop shouting, you’ll look crazy.”

I continued to fight and shout at the top of my lungs.  “No, people will see that I’m being whisked away by some strange guy with a gun!  Help, somebody!  Let go of me!”

“People will see?”  He threw his head back and laughed as he dragged me toward the dead end of the alley.  “Nobody but you can see me.  That’s why nobody helped you out with the Hell Hounds; they just thought you were some college kid tripping on LSD.”

“LET GO!”  I kicked the back of his leg behind his knee, which startled him and made him loosen his grip enough in order for me to wiggle free.  I ran away from him toward the street, my heart beating rapidly.  I looked back to see how close he was to catching me, yet I ran straight into someone’s chest.

His hands grabbed me tightly by the shoulders.  “We could have done this the easy way, Ellie.  But you’re like your mother; completely stubborn.”  He placed his fingertips against my forehead, and I slowly felt myself fade into unconsciousness.